Our Teaching Philosophy

Our curriculum at CodeAbode is built around teaching you how to learn. Programming isn’t about a specific syntax. It’s about a way of thinking and problem solving. All our classes are hands on and designed to guide you to answering problems yourself.

The Full Stack Curriculum

At CodeAbode, we teach “full stack” web development. We start with the essential ingredients of client-side web development – HTML, CSS & JS. You’ll learn how to plan, design & code an interactive website. From there, we teach server-side programming with Node.js. You’ll learn how to make web apps and come away with a deeper understanding of how the web works. The final course – capstone projects – is about synthesis. You’ll be given the space to design & implement your own web project, with mentorship from CodeAbode instructors.

Web Development Course Sequence

Introduction to Modern Web Design

Web Dev #101

Covers the essentials of modern web site design and development, using HTML5 and CSS3. Students will be exposed to the entire development pipeline, including early research and planning, wire framing, selecting a final design, and production.

Introduction to JavaScript

Web Dev #202

Designed to teach programming & JS fundamentals, in service of creating web applications. We will start with basic programming & web concepts: storing data, making decisions, manipulating webpages and getting user input. Then, we will move into using JS to make dynamic and interactive webpages.

Advanced JavaScript

Web Dev #303

Going beyond the fundamentals, we will be using object-oriented programming (OOP) to structure larger programs that interact with real world data (via APIs). We will then use our web programming skills to build hybrid app - web app that can be deployed to the App Store and Google Play store.

Server-side Programming

Web Dev #404

This course dives deep into the heart of the internet - how computers communicate over a network. Using Node.js, we will learn the fundamentals of creating a full-fledged web apps: serving HTML/CSS & JS files, storing persistent data, handling real time interactions between browsers and hosting on Heroku.

Capstone Projects

Web Dev #505

Now that we've covered client-side and server-side programming, this course focuses on the soft, fuzzy skills of development. We will guide you through the proposing, designing, implementing & iterating on a web project of your choosing. Along the way, you will build your communication, problem solving & time management skills.